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Phin Mason was Miles Morales' best friend and Rick Mason's sister.

Early Life

Phin met Miles at school and they became best friends. They used to go around the city stashing time capsules with mementos about their friendship. In one occasion, Miles and Phin created an energy converter with the help of her brother Rick, which won an award at a science convention at the Oscorp Science Center. Miles later enrolled at Brooklyn Visions Academy and they stopped seeing each other on a frequent basis.

Phin with Rick and Miles Morales

During the time in which Miles and Phin did not see each other, she witnessed as Rick, who worked at the Roxxon Corporation became sick as a result of the NuForm, a new component of clean energy that Rick had created for Roxxon. Fearing for the safety of the city and knowing the NuForm's toxic effects on people, both decided to invade a Roxxon testing facility to destroy the a newly constructed NuForm reactor by overloading it, in an attempt to stop Roxxon's tests. While helping her brother to deactivate the reactor by hacking into it's systems, they were suddenly interrupted by Simon Krieger, that took back control over the system, trapping Rick inside the overloading reactor, killing him while Phin watched. This left Phin traumatized, swearing revenge on Roxxon and Krieger.

Becoming the Tinkerer

After Rick's death, Phin joined a gang called The Underground. She provided them with weapons made of a new kind of programmable matter tech and in exchange, The Underground worked with her to achieve her goals. She then adopted the moniker Tinkerer after a nickname that her brother used to call her when she was a kid. Over time, Phin devised a plan to stop Roxxon and Krieger once and for all. Roxxon had recently built a new Complex Plaza on Harlem, and were planning to instal the first public NuForm reactor at the plaza to power up the entire neighborhood with clean energy. Phin's plan was to boycott Roxxon by stealing a NuForm sample so she could use it to overload the new reactor, blowing up the plaza before it could open for public.

Leading The Underground

War against Roxxon

Sometime later, during Christmas eve, Phin took a break from her plan to finally reconnect with her old friend Miles, when his mother Rio Morales invited Phin and Ganke Lee to spend Christmas at their house. During dinner, Phin overheard as Rio commented about the preparations to her election rally that was about to occur on the next day. Phin then saw the perfect opportunity for a distraction, planning to cause chaos at the rally as a decoy so she could steal the NuForm from a Roxxon shipment that was also about to enter the city through the Braithwaite Bridge on the next day.

On the next day, Phin finally put her plan in motion by sending a group of Underground members to wreak havoc on the rally, while she and another group went to the bridge to steal the NuForm from the shipment truck, but things got out of control when Spider-Man appeared to intervene, and accidentally caused the rest of the NuForm shipment inside the truck to become unstable, blowing up the bridge, causing it to slowly fall apart. Phin however, managed to flee from the scene with a NuForm sample.

Days later, Phin encountered Miles again at a coffee shop, where he asked her to join the Underground. Unbeknownst to her, Miles was actually Spider-Man. Miles had previously discovered her identity as Tinkerer during their brief encounter at the bridge, and was trying to infiltrate the Underground in an attempt to locate the NuForm sample, and also to discover what Phin had in mind with it. Their friendship gets compromised however, as Phin also discovers that Miles is Spider-Man when he is forced to reveal his identity to her when she almost kills him after a chase through the city. Later, they decide to meet again at Trinity Church to discuss the state of their relationship after betraying one another with lies, but are interrupted by the Rhino, who was now working for Roxxon and was sent to capture both, sending them to a secret facility underneath New York. While in Roxxon's custody, Phin expresses her disdain by Simon Krieger during interrogation, telling him that she will make him pay for what he did to her brother. She later manages leave the facility, when both Miles are forced to work together to escape, even facing Rhino again. During their escape however, she turns on Miles after he stops her from killing Rhino, telling him she will keep up with her plan against Roxxon, an that she will kill him for good if he ever tries to stop her again.

Team-up with Spider-Man

Later, Phin finally takes the NuForm sample to the Roxxon Plaza, planning to overload the reactor to destroy the complex, but is faced again by Miles, ho tries to warn her that Krieger had already overloaded the reactor in advance, and that she will instead blow up the entire Harlem if she overloads it more. Phin however, decides to carry on with her plan, ignoring Miles' warnings, causing a struggle between both. After a long fight, Phin finally starts to believe Miles when she witnesses as the overloaded reactor destroys some buildings around the plaza, which wouldn't happen if Krieger hadn't overloaded it before.

After Miles uses his bio-electrokinetic powers to absorb the reactor's energy, Phin sacrifices herself by using her programmable matter boots to propel herself and Miles high up above Manhattan so Miles could safely release the reactor's energy stored inside his body, killing her in the process.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Phin doesn't actually have any powers without her tech. While using her Programmable Matter equipment and suit, Phin has the following powers:

  • Energy Projection: Phin is able to use her tech to project and shoot beams of energy.
  • Superhuman Strength: Whilst empowered by her suit, Phin is shown to be able to effortlessly go up against other extremely strong superhuman beings, such as the Rhino or Spider-Man. She is also shown to be able to lift heavy objects with ease.
  • Superhuman Speed: Phin's suit also enhance her speed to superhuman levels, as she is shown to be able to run extremely fast, easily surpassing Spider-Man while running from him. When at high speeds, she is also able to propel herself to high altitudes.
  • Superhuman Durability: While on her suit, Phin is shown to be able to withstand injuries that would kill a normal human being.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Phin is shown to be extremely intelligent, as shown when she managed to create a new type of Programmable Matter technology for the Underground.
  • Skilled Tactician: Phin is shown to be a very good tactician, devising a complex plan to steal the NuForm from Roxxon.

Physical Strength

Phin possesses the strength of a average girl of her age that engages on regular exercises. While on her suit however, she possesses superhuman strength and durability.



Programmable Matter gear: Phin can use her new tech to create various types of gear and equipments.


Programmable Matter weapons: Phin's technology can morph matter in any shape she desires, be it a sword, hooks, or shields.


Programmable Matter boots: Phin also designed a new type of boot that enhances her speed to help her and her crew navigate through the city.



  • She was a fan of Dazzler and Lila Cheney.[1]
  • Phin was eighteen years old at the time of her death.[1]
  • She is "really into hot sauce."[1]

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