Phineas Mason was dismissed from Reed Richard's scientific cohort for dismantling the security system of the Baxter Building.[1] However, he appears to have been reinstated to the program as he was later seen as a "B-Level Clearance" observer at Reed Richard's N-Zone experiment which created the Fantastic Four.[2]

While Mason was with the Baxter Building project, he developed a protoype "Crowd Control System" that combined a webbing "gel" with a "tranquilizer flow". This technology was captured by Rhona Burchill, the self-described Mad Thinker, who used this tech against Franklin Storm and other scientists in the Baxter Building.[3]

Phineas later emerged as part of the Think Tank at Pinhead Buttes with Josie Hart.[4] Phineas and his co-worker Gus Axelrod infamously and inadvertently hatched the Seven. Josie Hart had placed a refrigeration unit on a large egg found underneath Pinhead Buttes. Phineas and Gus disconnected the unit to power a mega-sized television. The hatchling that emerged turned out to be the villainous "Seven".[5]

Hart and Axelrod played a role in ultimately defeating the Seven when they attempted a massive explosion and sub sequentially a cataclysmic reproduction of their species beneath Pinhead Buttes.[6]

  • Phineas Mason was mentioned for several months before he actually appeared.[1] His genius as well as his shortcomings were discussed on more than one occasion.

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