Phineas Mason aka the Tinkerer works alongside Quentin Beck under the employ of Chameleon until being arrested, after the being defeated by Spider Man and the Black Cat. Mason designed most of Mysterio's gear and devices. Following the defeat of Mysterio's android doubles, Mysterio talks with the Tinkerer who asks why he made the android controlling the others look like him and he replys "he didn't want anyone else taking the credit for his performance as Mysterio".

Tinkerer then contacts Master Planner telling him that everything Mysterio stole has not been found in the warehouse that he was hiding in. Tinkerer later oversees the assemblage of the Sinister Six and works as a second-in-command to the Master Planner. He did not join but as the Master Planner put is he is tech support.

Tombstone aka the Big Man hires Tinkerer to create super-suits for the New Enforcers. Fancy Dan who takes on the name Ricochet and Ox who keeps his name. Montana using the Shocker identity has his gauntlets upraded.


Seemingly those of Phineas Mason (Earth-616)#Powers.

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