In the Prime Marvel Universe, the Tinkerer would arrange for an invasion from the alien race of sentient A.I. known as the Vedomi. In hopes of finding a way to stop the invaders, Spider-Man traveled back in time to an alternate timeline set roughly a decade in the past, in order to find notes he had on the Vedomi courtesty of a scout robot he had befriended before they became lost.

When Spider-Man arrived to this timeline with Teresa Durand and J. Jonah Jameson, they began looking for any leads on the Tinkerer in order to find him before his next recorded appearance.[1] Teresa eventually located the Tinkerer, and he tried to shoot her with a laser when she entered his hideout, which resulted in the explosion of flammable canisters that set the warehous on fire. After Jameson got both Teresa and Mason out, the Vedomi scout the Tinkerer had befriended emerged from the fire. It gave Teresa a device with data necessary to stop the Vedomi without hurting them. Before shutting down, it told her that Mason was good, and only needed kindness and understanding.[2]

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