Quote1.png I have a Phoenix Egg, Roberto. And I think it's past time I got into the game. Quote2.png
--Scott Summers[src]

Every time it is destroyed, the Phoenix Force is always reborn within a cosmic egg. This process has happened several times in the past.[1]


Sometime after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and the Inversion; Cyclops found a Phoenix Egg, and waited for it to hatch, hoping to use its power to stop the incursions.[2] The egg did not hatch in time, however, only becoming ready during the final incursion. Cyclops hatched it, and bonded with the Phoenix Force once more.[3]

Under unknown circumstances, Terrax the Tamer acquired a Phoenix Egg and stored it on his warship. Thane eventually learned about this, and deceived his allies (Champion; Starfox, and Nebula) into helping him invade Terrax's warship to steal the egg.[4]


A Phoenix Egg was recovered by Brian and Smith of the Proud People.[5] It was taken to the X-Men by one of their number but the Crawlers stole it for their master.[6] The Beast later incubated it through heat vision to give birth to the Phoenix.[7]


The Phoenix Eggs were mentioned, their breaking being one of the events that precipitated the Mutants withdrawal to Tian.[8]

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