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The history of the Phoenix Force is likely similar to that of its mainstream counterpart's history up to the point King Loki completely wiped out humankind to make his brother Thor suffer.[2] During the attack, the Phoenix perished but eventually it rise to life again.[1]

One day, it made Logan its newest host. Millennia later, as the Phoenix, Logan ambushed and confronted King Thor while the Phoenix shimmered behind him.[3] While Logan attempted to kill Thor for bringing back the Earth,[1], the Phoenix Force ultimately stopped him - recalling a time when it had been the All-Father's lover. It transferred itself into Mjolnir - letting Logan die - and bonded to Thor, giving him the power to kill Doom after a battle that lasted 99 years. When Thor emerged victorious, the Phoenix Force left him and bonded to a young red-haired human girl - speaking through her to warn everyone that true darkness was coming to kill them all.[4]

At some point afterward, the Phoenix Force resurrected Logan and bonded to him once again, Logan then joined a team of Avengers led by the Goddesses of Thunder in order to defend New Midgard and the rest of the cosmos from those who would threaten it.[5]



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