Little is detailed about Phoenix’s life before the zombie plague arrived in Reality-2149, however it can reasonably be presumed that it followed much the same path as the Phoenix Force of Earth-616.

Forty years after the contagion began infecting this reality, Dark Phoenix has been infected and joined up with the Zombie Galacti, also having full control of Jean Grey's body. At the edge of the known universe, it seemed that they had consumed most of the universe, and so decided to make their way back to Earth in order to rebuild the teleportation device originally constructed by Tony Stark.

After returning to Earth, the zombies were forced to fight Black Panther and the other survivors for the teleportation device. Most of the zombies soon realized they were no longer hungry and stopped fighting, but the peace was cut short when a stil- hungry Hulk continued to attack the survivors. Hulk then proceeded to kill some of the survivors and most of the remaining zombies, including the Dark Phoenix. After the Hulk was killed, a funeral was held for Dark Phoenix and the others who died.[1]


  • Like Jean Grey, the Dark Phoenix used telepathy and telekinesis, but at a higher level. She was able to rearrange the molecular structure of matter and fly at supersonic speeds. Using the Phoenix Force, she could travel through hyperspace and destroy Shi'ar battlecruisers with little effort.

Strength level

  • Using her cosmic powers and telekinesis, Phoenix could lift an unknown amount, probably in the range of thousands of tons.


  • Flight under her own power, intergalactic flight through hyperspace.

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