Ororo Munroe (Earth-9590) from What If? Vol 2 79 001


Because Jean Grey was knocked out, Ororo piloted the capsule using her weather powers. However, it didn't work and all of the X-Men except for Wolverine and "Storm" died in the crash. Ororo seemingly emerged from the wreckage as Stormphoenix, whose power over the various aspects of weather was absolute and all-inclusive. She decided to rule the Earth as a benevolent dictator, freezing anyone who opposed her into the atmosphere. As she grew more cruel and detached from humanity, a plot emerged among those closest to her to kill her. However, when these people examined the original capsule, they found the real Storm in a healing cocoon. Since she was comatose, Kitty took over her body to confront Stormphoenix as a fraud. The Phoenix thus decided to leave Earth, but the real Storm died in the process, the strain of it all having been too much for her weakened body.


Seemingly those of Phoenix Force of Earth-616.

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