The Phoenix Force was travelling to Earth to join with its Avatar, Hope Summers. While travelling through space, it killed the Guardians of the Galaxy, who sent out a distress signal warning of the Phoenix's arrival. This warning was picked up by the Avengers who sent, Thor, Vision, Ms. Marvel, Nova and Black Panther into space to try and intercept and weaken it. [1]

Thor confronted it first and seemingly weakened it slightly but was killed in his effort and the Phoenix then briefly possessed, Nova, Vision and Ms. Marvel before travelling to the Moon and possessing Hope. [2] Hope then began to use the power of the Phoenix Force to wipe out humanity as she had fallen under the influence of Magneto and attacked the X-Men and Avengers who tried to stop her. Magneto ultimately betrayed her, killed Hope and briefly possessed the Phoenix Force and used it to wipe out the last remainder of humanity before being killed by Wolverine. The Phoenix then began the process of returning life to the Earth with Jean Grey and Wolverine as the only people remaining.[3]


Seemingly those of Phoenix Force of Earth-616.

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