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Quote1.png I know that was meant to hurt me... but I got to see my husband one last time. And that was all I wanted. I'm done now. With all of this. I won't play god with you anymore. And I won't let you hurt me or the people I love ever again. All of this -- using people, playing with their lives, building fake worlds -- it's not right. It's not fair to do that to me -- or anyone. I know I asked for your help. I don't know why you gave it. And I don't know why you keep coming back. Of all the beings in the universe, you chose me. That used to make me feel special. Now, I don't feel anything at all. I was supposed to die on that shuttle all of those years ago. I know that now. But you keep bringing me back. You want me to be something I'm not. Something I'll never be. And I wanted things from you. Things no person should have. I don't know what you are. What your role in the universe is, but it's not here. It's not with me. Quote2.png
-- Jean Grey

Appearing in "Chapter Five: Be Thou Those Ends"

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Synopsis for "Chapter Five: Be Thou Those Ends"

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  • The shuttle flight that Jean says she was supposed to die on occurred in X-Men #100-101. That story makes clear that she and her teammates all expect Jean to die as pilot.
  • Fantastic Four #286 and Classic X-Men #8 depict a dying Jean's plea for help, and wish to not die after the Phoenix Force answers her plea. While Jean has previously wished that she did not return from death,[1] this story is a coda to the earlier stories:
    • In their first meeting the Phoenix Force states that life has risk and only death is safe; a desperate Jean states that she would deal with the devil to get her wish.
    • Jean now concludes "we were better off dead" and that she was supposed to die on the shuttle.
    • She admits that she wished for "things no one should have".
    • She rejects the Phoenix Force's offer of godly power.
    • She states that by saving her life then, and repeatedly resurrecting her since, the Phoenix Force is not letting her truly live.
    • She asks the Phoenix Force to leave her alone forever.

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