Phon Mooda was one of the Warpsmiths sent along with Aza Chorn to Earth as a representative of their race.[1]

She later took part in the recruiting of Firedrake (Huey Moon) when Miracleman (Michael Moran), at Aza Chorn suggestion went around the Earth looking for other superhumans to join their group, the only other superhuman they found was Big Ben but at that point they had no way to help him because is mind was so unstable.[2]

She was also present and took part in the battle with Johnny Bates in London, her husband and Miracleman (Michael Moran) were finally able to beat him at the cost of his life when he sacrificed himself to damage Johnny Bates to the point that he had to swap out of his super human body but he was mortally wounded to achieve that. [3]

She is then seen along with the rest of her cluster family at Aza Chorn.[4]

New Gods

As part Miracleman (Michael Moran) New Gods, Phon Mooda and Kana Blur went around the globe instructing others on the system of their techno-politics with the objective of streamlining the communication-web of the planet, with that they had the opportunity to observe and learn about the various cultures of Earth, they felt the most affinity for the japanese.

She was later seen with her fellow New Gods on top of Olympus celebrating.[4]


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