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The Photon Sword was Black Knight's technology-based weapon used while he had given up use of the Ebony Blade.[1]


When the curse of the Ebony Blade became too much, Dane Whitman designed and constructed a technologically-based replace called the Photon Sword.[1] During his first mission back as a fulltime Avenger, Black Knight used his Photon Sword to go toe-to-toe with Swordsman.[2]

Black Knight fighting Swordsman armed with his new Photon Sword

During Operation Galactic Storm, Black Knight used his Photon Sword to fight against Shi'ar warriors,[9] Korath the Pursuer with his Beta-Baton,[10][11] and Ronan the Accuser with his Universal Weapon.[12] When facing the Supreme Intelligence, Black Knight dealt the killing blow with his Photon Sword.[13] Angered by the fall of the Kree Empire, Raza challenged Black Knight to a duel. Black Knight almost won by reversing his sword's energy field, but when Raza took Luna as hostage, Black Knight was forced to surrender.[14]

When Black Knight's squire, Sean Dolan stole the Ebony Blade and became Bloodwraith, Black Knight and the Avengers fought him. Unfortunately, Bloodwraith was the victor and escaped on Valinor.[15] When he reemerged, Black Knight, Bloodwraith, and Deadpool enraged in a threeway duel with Black Knight being the victor.[16]

Black Knight continued to use his Photon Sword against opponents like Legion of the Unliving,[17] the Swordsman (again),[18] his ancestor Sir Raston in Chronopolis,[19] Quasar,[20] Serse,[21] Asylum,[5] Magdalene,[22] Captain America,[22][23] Kree Sentries,[24] Exodus,[25] and Sliver.[26]

Black Knight armed with the Photon Sword fighting Proctor armed with the Ebony Blade

Armed with his Photon Sword, Black Knight faced off with Proctor (an alternate world version of himself) armed with the Ebony Blade. When it appeared that Black Knight had lost, Quicksilver and Crystal used their powers to disarm Proctor and Serse slew him using his own Ebony Blade.[8]

Following the death of Proctor, Serse and Black Knight left the Avengers and entered a portal to the unknown. Black Knight left behind his helmet and Photon Sword, which was taken by Crystal.[8] Unfortunately, in transit Black Knight's helmet and Photon Sword reappeared and Serse and Black Knight were separated. They both landed in the Ultraverse, but while Black Knight wound up in Miami, Serse found herself in Africa.[27] Armed with his Photon Sword, Black Knight joined the UltraForce.[28]

When Serse finally attempted to return her and the Black Knight to their proper dimension and time, the Photon Sword appears to have been lost.[29][30]


Photon Blade: The emitter hilt projects a beam of concentrated photonic energy to create a "blade".[1]

  • Neural Disruption: The Photon Sword can act as a neural disruptor against living subjects. When the blade cuts or stabs someone, it delivers a stun-blast to the being's central nervous system leaving them incapacitated.[31][22][25][26][5][27]
  • Polarity Field: By reversing the sword's energy field, the user can encase their arm in it polarity field allowing for protection during hand-to-hand combat. The sword's neural paralyzing effect is still present, which can make up for strength disparities.[14][22]
  • Illumination: The sword can be used as a light source.[6][7]



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