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Phraug was emperor of the Deviant empire Lemuria 20,000 years ago. Under his rule the Deviants had conquered most of the Earth with only Atlantis holding out. Phraug sent his forces against Atlantis, but the Atlanteans destroyed themselves rather than be conquered. At about the same time the Celestials returned to Earth and believing them to be a threat Phraug ordered them fired upon. As this was happening Atra, Lemuria's chief alchemist, approached Phraug with the newly created Serpent Crown. Atra intended to use the Crown to destroy Phraug and take over his empire, but Phraug was a worshipper of Set and immune to the effects of the Crown. Phraug and Atra fought over the Crown as the Celestials retaliated, firing upon Lemuria causing its destruction.[1] Lemuria was sunk, but Phraug and Atra's skeletons were somehow preserved still holding the Crown.[2]

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