Phy was the leader of the Troll Associates, a group of trolls that lived in England before the rise of civilization. One day, after smelling gold, he discovered the mutant Thomas Jones aka Alchemy, who possessed the power of matter transmutation. After learning of Alchemy's power, Phy came up with a plan to crash England's economy by flooding the market with an influx of gold created using Alchemy's power, allowing trolls and other magic folk to take over. After Phy kidnapped Alchemy, Alchemy's mother Ophelia contacted X-Factor to rescue her son. X-Factor's interference forced Phy and his troll ally Phee to flee with Alchemy. After threatening to kill Alchemy's mother, Alchemy decided to turn Phy and Phee into gold. On advice from X-Factor, Alchemy turned Phy and Phee into lead and were placed in Hyde Park as statues,[2] where they likely remain in the present time.


Like all trolls, Phy had superhuman strength, durability, and stamina.


Like all trolls, Phy was sensitive to bright light.

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