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Quote1 She's the woman I married. The super hero from the super hero dimension, doing what super heroes do. She's saving the day. Quote2


Infinity Wars[]

Phyla-Vell was the Captain Marvel of her reality,[3] a universe where superheroes thrived as noble and honorable champions always willing to do good unconditionally. As such, Captain Marvel and her wife Moondragon were honest and pure-hearted champions who battled for the innocent.[4] The world was put in danger when the disturbed Gamora donned the identity of Requiem and set out to collect the Infinity Stones.[5] The quest for the Infinity Stones took place in several realities, with different versions of Captain Marvel being in charge of retrieving the Reality Stone; each version of the artifact had become displaced to an adjacent universe after the restoration of the Multiverse.[6] Phyla-Vell and Moondragon traveled to the neighboring universe 616 to retrieve their universe's Reality Stone, which was in possession of Peter Quill of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He relinquished the item peacefully after being confronted since it was useless in their universe.[3] Moondragon then hid the stone and erased her memories of the event to protect it from Requiem.[4]

A much deadlier threat came in the form of Requiem's enemy, the soul-eater Devondra, who obliterated the superhero community.[5] Requiem captured Phyla-Vell and Moondragon before killing Loki Odinson in Asgard and taking the Infinity Stones in his possession for herself. Moondragon tricked Requiem into reading her mind for the Reality Stone's location, locking her in mental combat. Phyla-Vell hesitated and lost the opportunity to strike. A hopeless Moondragon realized the universe was doomed and used Requiem's Infinity Stones to shoot herself and Phyla-Vell into Earth-616 to escape.[4]

Phyla-Vell (Earth-18897) from Guardians of the Galaxy The Prodigal Sun Vol 1 1 002

Phyla-Vell and Moondragon arrived at the Quarry of Creation, where Earth-616's Gamora had used the Infinity Stones to fold the universe into the Warp World. They attacked Gamora in retaliation for the actions of her counterpart from their world, just as Loki and his team of heroes confronted Gamora and defeated her. The trickster god pulled Gamora through a portal to Soul World, accidentally taking Phyla-Vell and Moondragon with her, where they joined forces with Adam Warlock and his allies to fight Gamora.[7] Loki's allies returned to Soul World to stop Devondra and change Warp World back into the real world. When they all returned to the real world, Phyla-Vell and Moondragon tried to execute Gamora, but Peter Quill convinced them not to. Phyla-Vell and Moondragon left to explore the new universe they would inhabit from then on.[8] They soon had an adventure when attacked by the Fraternity of Raptors over the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones.[9]

Guardians of the Galaxy[]

Alongside many other cosmic superhumans, Phyla-Vell and Moondragon attended a gathering held by Eros to show the will of his brother, the Mad Titan Thanos. It was revealed that the villain would resurrect himself by having his consciousness take over the body of another, with the most probable successor being Gamora. As the discussion was carried out, the meeting was interrupted by the Black Order, who trapped all present in a black hole. Phyla-Vell and Moondragon were rescued by Beta Ray Bill. As the few apparent survivors of the incident, they were recruited into the Guardians of the Galaxy by Peter Quill and Groot, becoming part of the crew of the Ryder. [10] With Gamora having become a target in the cosmic scenario, Phyla-Vell and Moondragon chose to stay with the Guardians, whose main objective was to save Gamora despite her past actions.[11]

Heather Douglas (Earth-18897) and Phyla-Vell (Earth-18897) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 5 2 001

With Moondragon

The Guardians of the Galaxy traveled to Halfworld,[12] where Gamora was found. However, Nova appeared to warn them of Eros' own team of Guardians assembled to kill Gamora. Quill's Guardians were defeated, and the Gamora was taken to Eros.[13] Coming to Gamora's rescue, the Guardians of the Galaxy realized Thanos had been resurrected in Eros' body instead, thanks to the machinations of Hela.[14] The two teams of Guardians joined forces and succeeded in preventing the full revival of Thanos. Although most of the warriors chose to depart, Phyla-Vell remained a Guardian as per Moondragon's recommendation.[15]

In their next mission, the Guardians confronted the Universal Church of Truth, following the obliteration of the Nova Corps. When approaching the Church's mobile cathedral, the Guardians, except for Moondragon and Groot, were brainwashed by the Church's Patriatch J'son. Moondragon asked for the help of a degenerating Rocket to rescue their teammates.[16] Rocket managed to sabotage the Universal Church temple's devices that guaranteed the brainwashing, and the Guardians were able to fend off the Patriarch. This prevented the Church from destroying Earth as well as liberated the heroes the Black Order had trapped. The recent crises led the Guardians of the Galaxy to retire as a way to reconnect with their friends and family.[17]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 6 1 McKone Variant Textless

With the Guardians

Superheroes Forever[]

Their vacation in Halfworld was interrupted by Nova, who exposed the murderous actions of the blood-thirsty world-ravager Olympians in the galaxy. Seeking help, Nova was adamantly rejected by Gamora. However, Quill and Rocket chose to assist Nova behind her back, being backed by the heroic Phyla-Vell and Moondragon. Joined by the eccentric Marvel Boy, the makeshift team embarked on a mission to destroy New Olympus.[1] Moondragon used her telepathy to infiltrate the city while Phyla-Vell took the fight to space directly against Zeus,[1] who brutally wounded Nova and returned for the rest of the Guardians. Phyla-Vell mentally discussed alternatives with her wife, and they chose to take Nova to safety even if it meant Moondragon's demise in New Olympus. Although Moondragon survived, it came at the cost of Quill sacrificing himself to complete the mission.[18]

A grief-stricken Gamora formed her own team of mercenary Guardians, who accepted a mercenary job offer from Castor Gnawbarque III that pitted the two Guardians teams against each other.[19] During this clash, Moondragon was confronted by her native counterpart.[20] During the mental conflict, the heroic Moondragon demonstrated compassion for her broken counterpart and chose to share her successful life by ultimately merging into a single being with her relatively immoral doppelgänger.[21]

Phyla-Vell was offended by her wife's decision and acted distant and uncomfortable toward the composite Moondragon.[22] The Guardians tended to the invasion carried out by the Symbiote god Knull in Spartax. Quill returned and helped the Guardians stop the invasion, but also alerted the Olympians were also coming back. During the massacre, Phyla-Vell witnessed her wife's fragility amidst the terrible death count.[23] No longer recognizing the woman she once loved, Phyla-Vell turned her back on Moondragon.[24] In the final fight against the Olympians, Moondragon was telepathically tormented by Hermes. Managing to enter into Moondragon's mindscape, Phyla-Vell professed her wish to learn, know, and love the entirety of the new Moodragon, including her new dark and broken side. By patching up their relationship, Moondragon was given the necessary boost to defeat Hermes.[25]

In the aftermath of the team's victory, the Galactic Council decided to sanction the reformed Guardians of the Galaxy as protectors of the cosmos.[25] Phyla-Vell was tasked alongside other Guardians to investigate a group of heretic Skrull fire cultists on the mysteriously new "Rimworld",[26] which was revealed to be Ego the Living Planet.[27] Ego was possessed by the Faltine lord Dormammu, the dread lord of the Dark Dimension, prompting the Guardians of the Galaxy to unite to stop the threat alongside the Kree/Skrull Alliance.[28] The Emperor of the Alliance was Hulkling, a version of Phyla-Vell's half-brother. Together, Phyla-Vell and Emperor Hulkling battled Dormammu's forces in the ruins of Hala, where a corrupted version of the Supreme Intelligence attempted to detonate the planet and sacrifice lives to combat Dormammu. Phyla-Vell inspired Hulkling to stand against the threat, mentioning their father Mar-Vell would be proud of his heroism, despite her version of Hulkling having succumbed to madness. This led Hulkling's husband to avert the situation and the heroes gain an advantage against the dread lord.[29] In the aftermath of the war against Dormammu, the Guardians of the Galaxy had the chance to celebrate their victory.[30]

Last of The Marvels[]

Eventually, Phyla-Vell was subdued and captured by the creature known as Vox Supreme, an erratic figure who wished to restore the glory of the Kree Empire. She was forced to wear Vox Supreme's controlling suit and attack Carol Danvers, Earth's Captain Marvel. After being released by Danvers, Phyla-Vell informed many "Marvels" were being targeted.[31] In a revived planet dubbed New Hala by Vox Supreme,[32] Phyla-Vell fended Vox Supreme and a corrupted version Mar-Vell off,[33] while Danvers was able to have the prisoners cleaned from Vox Supreme's control. The Captain Marvels were joined by many heroes, including the Guardians of the Galaxy[34] and Emperor Hulkling, obliterating Vox Supreme's army and destroying his colony in New Hala.[35]

One of Vox Supreme's victims was a revived Genis-Vell, who saw in the Nega-Bands a way to stabilize his deteriorating condition alongside Rick Jones. This attracted Phyla-Vell's attention,[36] who contacted Jones to help them. Phyla-Vell took Jones to a stolen Quinjet to settle the situation as he informed her they should rescue his wife Marlo Chandler from New Hala.[37] One of Vox Supreme's lackeys Ren-Varr wished to summon the entity Death from within Chandler to revive the Kree. Phyla-Vell took Rick Jones to New Hala,[38] where she got Marlo Chandler free and Jones merged with Genis-Vell using the Nega-Bands. Chandler ultimately chose to replace Death in her cosmic function, abandoning New Hala, while Phyla-Vell's version of her brother Genis-Vell resumed his partnership with Rick Jones thanks to her intervention.[39]



Like her Earth-616 counterpart, Phyla possesses great powers thanks to her unique inheritance, among them:

  • Super-Humanoid Strength: Phyla seems capable of going toe to toe with Carol Danvers.[31]
  • Super-Humanoid Durability: Phyla has been seen standing blows from Carol[31] and bursting through walls with no injuries whatsoever.[33]
  • Super-Humanoid Speed: Similarly to Genis-Vell, Phyla is able to accelerate beyond light-speed (likely also taking the necessary precautions to avoid time-traveling).[38]
  • Self-Sustenance: Phyla possesses a natural ability to survive in the vacuum of space.[38]
  • Blast Wave Emission: By using her Quantum Sword, Phyla can project powerful energy pulses to disarm her enemies and protect her from their attacks.[33]





  • Phyla-Vell seems to share a lot of her origins and past with her counterpart from Earth-616, besides the main difference of manifesting little to no moral ambiguity as a superhero. This version of Phyla-Vell has never joined her world's Guardians of the Galaxy, despite her wife Moondragon's suggestion.[4] This may have proved to change her fate, since Earth-616's Phyla-Vell was murdered by Thanos when serving with the Guardians of the Galaxy.[40]

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