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The race of the Phytons arose countless eons ago, when time was young and the world was new. Like their distant relatives, the fungi, they haunted the dark, primeval forests and the brackish pools of shaded glens. Following the global catastrophe that caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs, the Phytons survived finding shelter and nourishment aplenty in the caverns, and readily adapted to a subterranean way of life. When finally the dust cloud dissipated and the sun once more shone, they found they could barely withstand the light of day at all, and so they retreated even further into the darkness. In time, upheavals occurred which shook the Earth, stranding them in their underground home, until an earthquake unsealed their cavern and set them free. Mindful of their painful aversion to sunlight, the elders wisely elected to remain in the caverns, but some of their youth elected to brave the sunlight in order to explore the unknown wonders of the outside world, finding they were no longer capable of surviving sunlight, but that they could survive so long as they utilized an ancient racial power to drain the life-force from other higher creatures and, by slaying them, to transform themselves into living duplicates of the creatures they had slain. In time, the victim's life-force would be consumed, forcing the young Phytons to keep seeking out new victims in order to go on living in the outer world. Following Krylxxa home, Conan and Fafnir were captured by the Phytons beneath the Border Kingdom, but then they were freed by Krylxaa herself, who fled the caverns with them.[1]

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Certain products of the Phytons' respiration are extremely beneficial to plant life, but dangerously toxic to Humans.



Underground caverns beneath the Border Kingdom.


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