Pick Axe was one of four people who were bionically altered into cyborgs by criminal scientist Karl Malus to act as his lackeys, the original Power Tools. Malus sent the Power Tools to capture Madcap, so Malus could study Madcap's powers. However, the Power Tools were recorded in the act of snatching Madcap by Dollar Bill.

Dollar Bill then approached Hawkeye for help after being unable to contact Daredevil, and Hawkeye battled the Power Tools. Hawkeye rescued Madcap, and exposed Malus' involvement, upon which Malus set his laboratory headquarters to self-destruct and abandoned the Power Tools, including Pick Axe. Malus later employed a different team of mercenaries who also called themselves the Power Tools.[citation needed]


Pick Axe's left hand was cybernetically altered so that it could transform into a pickaxe-style weapon.

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