Pierre Dumort was a French traitor who sided with the Nazis following Nazi occupation of France in 1940. By 1941, he was a Gestapo operative who was sent to the United States posing as a member of the French Resistance. There, he posed as an old friend of Colonel Carter who was then stationed at Camp Lehigh. Under the pretense that he was coming to broker a deal with the United States Military to hand over all of France's military patents, his agents were busy loading weapons being prepared for war games with live ammunition. As he was preparing to leave, Dumort's car was sabotaged by James Barnes who was then trying to get his confidant Steve Rogers out of the guardhouse after he was locked up for a prank he did not commit. Rogers fixed the car, and Dumort was on his way with nobody at the camp aware of his dubious mission.

Later, during the war games, Steve noticed that there were live rounds being used and suspected something suspicious. Advising his superiors, they called an end to the games before too many soldiers were seriously wounded or killed. Steve and James ducked away and changed into Captain America and Bucky to investigate the situation. They spotted Dumort getting a report on the situation and realized that he was not who he said he was.

Trailing him back to his hideout, Captain America and Bucky broke up his operations and learned his true identity and agenda, turning him over to the FBI to face justice for his crimes.[1]


Dumort was a trained spy and master of espionage.


Dumort wore a monocle in his right eye to correct his vision.

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