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La Nuit was a mutant and a member of X-Force. He was teamed with Battering Ram, U-Go-Girl, Plazm and other X-Force members on a mission to North Africa, where they lost teammate Sluk to a tank explosion.

Back home after the mission, Gin Genie experienced an anxiety attack. La Nuit offered sensible advice to calm her down, but then insulted her by mentioning 'skin blotches'. This brought a sarcastic mention of his 'Gallic charm'.

La Nuit and the others were called to the meeting hall for a briefing by Coach, their leader. He talked of a media-friendly mission, where the good guys defeated the bad guys. La Nuit sarcastically asked which category X-Force fell under.

Money-hungry terrorists took over the New York studios of 'Sonic TV' and captured the popular boy band 'Boyz R Us'. Already one of the band members had been killed and tossed out the window. Bypassing the crowds outside, U-Go-Girl teleported the team straight into the building. The mission was going well until an attack helicopter opened fire. La Nuit, most of the terrorists, the boy band survivors and most of X-Force all died. Doop, Anarchist and U-Go-Girl were all that was left of the team. The latter killed the helicopter crew. Anarchist killed the remaining ground troops.

La Nuit received a statue next to Sluk, inside the X-Force café. Later, the X-Man Wolverine uncovered evidence showing Zeitgeist and Coach had planned the Boyz R Us massacre.

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Darkforce Control: La Nuit could project a veil of dark energy, presumably in the same way as Darkstar or the Shroud. It is unknown if his powers had any connection to the Darkforce Dimension.

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