Pietro is the son of the most powerful man on the planet, Magneto, and the heir to his throne. During the most desperate days of the Mutant-Human War, with S.H.I.E.L.D. intercepting all of Magneto's communications, Pietro was used to coordinate attacks and risked his life time and again to deliver crucial information to mutant operatives around the world.[1]

Following Magneto's final victory, Quicksilver was invited to a victory dinner in the capital city of Genosha along with his human sister, Wanda, and Polaris. It was on this day Magnus revealed he was truly their father and invited them to join him in running the world. They first leave, angry except for Wanda, before accept later, and the House of M was formed.[2]

Recently, Magnus has urged his son to woo Ororo, the mutant Queen of Kenya. Pietro truly cares for her, but his attempts have been unfruitful up to this point. He remains completely devoted to his father despite Magnus' frequently cold attitude towards him.[3]

It was later revealed that he was the one who convinced his sister, the Scarlet Witch, to "give everyone what they wanted", and not Magneto, and as such, is behind the entire House of M reality warping. Quicksilver was killed by Magneto, after which Wanda manipulates reality (subsequently resurrecting Pietro) again - Her incantation, "No More Mutants" - leading to the M-Day, known also as the Decimation.[4]


Quicksilver possesses superhuman speed, and can travel on foot at speeds exceeding the speed of sound for hundreds of miles before tiring; he can "fly" for brief periods by flapping his arms; he can also use his speed to create cyclones, and run up walls and across water.

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