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Pietro Maximoff[src]


Early Life

Born in 1989,[1] Pietro Maximoff and his twin sister Wanda were orphaned at the age of 10 due to a missile attack on their home country Sokovia. While their parents were immediately killed in the bombings, Pietro and Wanda were trapped for days in the rubble of their former home with an undetonated missile that had the label "Stark Industries" on it. They lived as homeless orphans for the remainder of their childhood, resenting Tony Stark.[2]

Age of Miracles

Wanda and Pietro became two of the numerous protesters against Sokovia's government who were recruited by Baron Strucker to take part in experimentation with Loki's Sceptre.[3]

The twins had been the only who had survived Hydra's experiments with the alien enhancement.[4] In Pietro cell, he was shown rapidly dashing between the walls, vibrating as his body presumably attempted to adjust to its new speed.[5]

When the Avengers invaded Strucker's fortress in Sokovia, Wanda and Pietro aided in its defense, with Pietro intercepting some of Hawkeye's arrows from reaching their targets. As Hydra lost the battle, Wanda allowed Stark, now operating as the superhero Iron Man, to take the sceptre, as Wanda had a vision that Tony would use the scepter to cause trouble for the Avengers. Pietro and Wanda then escaped and avoided capture.[2]

Alliance with Ultron

Wanda was ultimately correct, as Stark used the sceptre to complete his global peacekeeping artificial intelligence, Ultron. After Ultron immediately turned on the Avengers and escaped from Stark Tower through the internet, he downloaded himself into a new body (made from Strucker's work with robotics), and then reached out to Pietro and Wanda. They met at a church in Sokovia, from where Ultron led them to his base of operations and asked them for help at defeating the Avengers. Wanda and Pietro agreed, stating that Stark's missiles were the reason their parents had been killed.

Wanda and Pietro then aided Ultron in taking vibranium from the black market dealer Ulysses Klaue. The Avengers confronted Ultron and the twins, which prompted a fight between the parties. Wanda used her mind control powers to take out the whole team and set the Hulk on a rampage throughout Johannesburg.

Pietro and Wanda accompanied Ultron to Dr. Helen Cho's lab, where he intended to force Dr. Cho to build his new body by using the stolen vibranium. While Ultron's new body was being built, Wanda's power gave her a vision of Ultron's true endgame: to extinguish humanity. She and Pietro rebelled against Ultron and released Dr. Cho from the robot's mind control. When the Avengers attempted to steal Ultron's new body, Pietro helped Captain America and his sister deal with a runaway train in Seoul, which earned them Captain America's trust.

The Avengers

Pietro, accompanied by Wanda and Captain America, went to Avengers Tower just as Stark and Bruce Banner were about to activate Ultron's next body, but with J.A.R.V.I.S.'s A.I. mixed in it. Pietro prevented the initial download from happening, but Thor then blasted the body with lightning, activating it so that all present witnessed the birth of the Vision.

Pietro and Wanda decided to help the Avengers against Ultron's final plan to use Sokovia as a meteor that would wipe out the Earth. While Sokovia was being lifted by Ultron, Pietro helped the Avengers battle Ultron's drone army. When Nick Fury arrived with a helicarrier to help the people of Sokovia get out safely, Pietro acknowledged that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s true purpose was something that he could approve of, then used his speed to help evacuate several of the remaining civilians to the S.H.I.E.L.D. "lifeboats".

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When Ultron stole a Quinjet, he opened fire on the Avengers with its machine-guns. Although most of the Avengers were able to reach cover themselves or were naturally bulletproof, Pietro sacrificed himself to push Hawkeye and a child to safety behind a bus, sustaining serious bullet-wounds in the process. Wanda felt his death, prompting her to tear Ultron's "heart" out of his main body in revenge for her own loss.[2]

Pietro was buried in Sokovia.[6] In recognition of Pietro's role in saving his life, Clint named his new son 'Nathaniel Pietro Barton' after Natasha and Pietro. Wanda proceeded to join the Avengers after the team underwent a reorganization when half of them departed to deal with their own issues.[2]



The procedures he was subjected to granted Pietro the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Speed: Pietro was capable of moving fast enough to intercept arrows mid-flight, as well as keep up with a runaway train. He was perceived as a blur by Hawkeye when they first met, and outpaced the reactions of Captain America, Hawkeye, and even Ultron. However, he was unable to outrun bullets fired by a high caliber machine gun.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Pietro's body was capable of coping with the strain of the friction he experienced when moving at his accelerated speeds. However, he appears to be vulnerable to conventional attacks, as Captain America knocked out Pietro with his shield by simply slamming it into his face, and falling some 30 feet after tugging on Mjolnir incapacitated him for several minutes.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Pietro was capable of running for several thousand feet without stopping while evacuating people in the way of a runaway train, as well as continuously run and fight against Ultron's drones in Sokovia for an extended period of time. However, he did have to slow down and catch his breath at times.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Pietro was capable of catching arrows midflight, as well as take apart a support system for Vision in seconds. However, he seems to only have enhanced reflexes towards things he is expecting, as he was unable to dodge Captain America's shield bash as he was recovering from an earlier fall, was unaware of a stray bullet fired by a Sokovian police officer until it struck his arm, and didn't run out of the way of a collapsing glass floor he was standing on.
  • Enhanced Mental Process: Pietro's mind was enhanced so that he could process information at an accelerated rate when running.
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Improved Thermal Homeostasis


  • Bilingualism: As a native Sokovian, Pietro speaks that language fluently, in addition to English.



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