The past of Pietro Maximoff of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history, the Quicksilver of Earth-9997 is deceased. He was a member of the Avengers when they were called to stop the Absorbing Man during a rampage through Washington, D.C. What the Avengers were not prepared for was the fact the Creel had absorbed the intelligence of Ultron. This granted Creel with extended powers which he used against the Avengers. He would kill Pietro by turning into a liquid fluid that enveloped the hero and smothered him to death. He was one of the many heroes who were recruited by Mar-Vell in the Realm of the Dead to kill Death and create a Paradise in that realm. He would join the other heroes in Paradise and also take part in the counter attack against the Kree's invasion of Paradise. Quicksilver's memory lived on when Tony Stark built an Iron Avenger in his image; it was later mass produced as part of King Britain's strategy of creating a world wide police force and the Quicksilver robot was rechristened as Bolt.


Seemingly those of Pietro Maximoff of Earth-616.

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