The exact nature of the being known as Nestor is unknown, but he is believed to be a version of Quicksilver from an unknown alternate future, far more powerful than his present incarnation, and in possession of some of his father's magnetic abilities to further enhance his own superhuman speed.

During the time Quicksilver was a member of the Knight of Wundagore and still reeling from the shock of his wife leaving him with their daughter, Nestor suddenly appeared to him and told him to let go of all his Earthly attachments to achieve his full potential. When Sir Ram walked in on the conversation, he could not see Nestor, and indeed when Pietro turned back to him he had vanished without a trace.

Nestor next appeared when Pietro was being held in the Acolytes' dungeon, easily defeating his guards and informing Pietro that he could free himself by simply concentrating on breaking his manacles and having faith in his powers. Quicksilver did so, and Nestor departed once again, telling him that to win the coming war, he would need to embrace the ways of his father.

Nestor made his final appearance after the war was over, and visited, along with Pietro, his father's castle and Bova's cabin. He yet again told Quicksilver to abandon all he cared about to realize his true potential, and Quicksilver again, refused him, gathering up the recordings he made for his wife despite Nestor's protests that giving them to her would only hold him back. Quicksilver defeated Nestor and successfully got the recordings to Crystal, and Nestor, while still observing to make sure the future was on track, vanished into the ether.


Nestor had a powerful superhuman speed ability, able to move at rates nearly imperceptible to even Quicksilver. It is believed that his speed was augmented by an unknown degree of control over electromagnetism inherited from his father.

Though Nestor's true identity was never explicitly stated on-panel, John Ostrander has confirmed in forum posts that he was intended to be an alternate-future version of Quicksilver.

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