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One night, at Al's chemical company Piguel O'Malley (who is a lot like Peter Porker, only he's a pig) is working a late janitor shift. While working, Perfesser warned Piguel to stay away from the vat of Spider-Venom in the room before leaving.[1] But fate has a strange way of unraveling... like a spider spinning its web. Later Ducktor Doom 2099 broke into the facility and accidentally bumped Piguel into the vat. Piguel was able to swim out, claiming that the Spider-Venom tasted like Dr. Pepper but without the fizz. Piguel soon learned that he had spider powers much like that of Peter Porker (his ancestor). He returned home and put on his super hero costume that he kept in his closet for emergencies. He then set out to find Ducktor Doom 2099 as the all new hero... Spider-Ham 2099![1] Due to the problems of the web of life and destiny some worlds got tangled, and Piguel ended up on Earth-138 along with Ducktor Doom and his army.[2] Spider-Punk believed he was their leader and captured him, took him to Earth-001 as evidence, to enlist the help of the Web-Warriors.[2] Eventually the real culprit jumped out, and was defeated by Spider-Ham. [2] Later Piguel found himself involved in the clash between the two inhabitants of Earth-50810, who also ended up on Earth-138.[3] The web problems, then ended him and Spider-Woman on Earth-8311.[3] Piguel teamed up with Gwen and the Scavengers, to fight Doc Ock ended up in the same world.[4] The two were later recovered by the Web-Warriors. [5]

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Seemingly those of Miguel O'Hara of Earth-928.



Super Hero costume, in case of an emergencies.[1]


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