The origins of the Pillow of Life and Death are unknown; it was created centuries ago in the secret kingdom of Shangri-La in the mountains of Tibet. It had the power of life and death. It could heal, restore life, as well as kill. At a touch, those worthy would be healed of mortal wounds or even granted eternal life. Those who were filled with evil would only find death, being completely disintegrated by merely touching the object. The Pillow would also destroy objects that were created for evil purposes that touched it as well.

The pillow was guarded over by the various rulers of Shangri-La including the Vision. In the summer of 1943, Imperial Japanese agents sought to obtain the secrets of eternal life from the pillow for their leader Emperor Hirohito. However, they only found death when they came to take it and were stopped by the Vision who also used to the pillow to restore to life its current keeper Leme-Tel, telling the aging master that he will live until he found a worthy successor for the pillow.[1]

Its subsequent fate is unknown.


The fact that the Pillow was in the possession of the Vision is in direct contradiction to accounts of his first appearance on Earth.[2]. Explanations are not forthcoming.

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