Pindar the Eagle was one of the many animals that lived in the Belgian Congo during the 1930s and 40s who was loyal to jungle adventurer Ka-Zar. During a battle against the poacher Rajah Sarput, Ka-Zar was aided by Pindar when the battle turned in Sarput's favor. The eagle distracted Sarput long enough for Ka-Zar to escape and lead a counter attack that ended in Sarput's death.[1] Sometime later, when Ka-Zar battled the Fascist Italian forces that were invading his lands, he was captured. Ka-Zar had his bonds chewed free by Pindar, and Ka-Zar ultimately destroyed the Italian base.[2]

Pindar's subsequent activities are unrevealed.


Pindar has abilities common to eagles. He was able to communicate with Ka-Zar.

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