On Earth-1610, Pinhead Buttes is a town in Oregon and the site of one of the Baxter Building Think Tank's auxiliary installations. Following an accident which created this world's Fantastic Four, all other members of the think tank were moved to this location in Oregon.[1] Underneath this installation is the Nursery, which had been used by the Seven as the breeding ground for the spawn of Tan-Ed-Drul.

Following Magneto's Ultimatum Wave, Susan Storm was critically injured and lapsed into a coma. The Thing went to Pinhead Buttes to find her old physics professor, Doctor Arthur Molekevic - the only man intelligent enough to help her. To retrieve him however, the Thing had to fight through a horde of Lava Men.[2]


  • This location in Oregon was first noted as housing all non-super powered members of the Baxter Building Project in Ultimate Fantastic Four #8.

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