Quote1 It is you! Just like I remember you. Quote2
-- Colossus src

Colossus is a member of the team of X-Men, who are based at the future Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.

Piotr was given the Soulsword by Illyana at some time.[1]

They confronted Magik, past Beast and past Iceman after Magik teleported to the future to find out what the other group who traveled back in time were hiding.[2][1]

During the confrontation with the Brotherhood in the past, Colossus paralyzed Charles Xavier II when he stabbed him with the Soulsword, but Xavier retaliated by destroying Colossus' mind and seemingly killing him.[3]

Colossus later re-appeared alive and well to battle the Brood.[4]

He was one of the many involved in the battle of the Shi'ar. He was left on the ship when it was destroyed thus killing him.[5]


Seemingly those of Colossus of Earth-616.


Magik's Soulsword

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