The past history of Colossus of Earth-21993 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up to the point where Peter crossed through the Siege Perilous. In this reality, he would have his mind restored by Charles Xavier following his escape from Skrull captivity. Colossus would be among the X-Men present when Xavier would chastise his students over the state of human/mutant affairs. When a battle would erupt between the New Mutants and X-Men, Colossus would join his fellow X-Men in trying to contain the Mutants, however they would escape. Shortly thereafter, Xavier would be assassinated by Cable, his death causing a divide between the X-Men. Colossus would join a team of X-Men led by Storm who would seek to bring Cable to justice.

However, this would not come to pass as Storm's X-Men would be caught up fighting various X-Men foes. Colossus aid Storm's X-Men in thwarting a Genoshan invasion of America before returning to the remains of the X-Mansion. There Colossus would fight off a simultaneous attack from the Mutant Liberation Front, Fenris, Savage Land Mutates and the Hellfire Club leading to the mansions destruction, forcing the X-Men to flee[1].

When the Sentinels would be unleashed in response to Magneto's take over of the United States, Colossus would sacrifice his life so that Storm and Psylock could escape capture.

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