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Real Name
Current Alias
Illyana Rasputina (sister, deceased)
Formerly X-Men
Base of Operations
Mobile throughout Battleworld; formerly Limbo (Battleworld), Battleworld
Living Status
Marital Status


Unusual Features
Metal body
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Colossus was a member of the X-Men who joined in the battle against Limbo's Demon Horde when it assaulted Manhattan. The X-Men failed both to repel them and to save Illyana Rasputin from N'astirh. "Limbo" was then contained behind a wall. As part of a deal with Scott Summers in exchange for police the outer boroughs, Colossus could assemble a team once a year, on the invasion's anniversary, to try to retrieve Illyana. In the fourth year, it was revealed that Illyana, as the Darkchild, was now the ruler of Inferno, and Scott's back and Colossus' arm were crippled in the fight.[1] Some point during this he began dating Domino and a year later he set about assembling another team when Scott informed Colossus that he refused to send a team. Both Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde refused to let Colossus down, offering him a last chance. Kurt, along with Boomer and Domino, formed the team. The four of them teleported into Limbo and were attacked by the hordes, Boomer was captured back a winged Demon with Nightcrawler following to rescue her. This left Colossus and Domino to fight the horde on the ground and found themselves overpowered and were rescued by the Goblin Queen and the Goblin Prince.[1]

The Goblin Queen took him to her Goblin Horde and dropped him in with them to assert his dominance. Here, he found the Soulsword which his demon arm could wield. Madelyne made him an offer; she and her Goblin Horde would get Colossus into the Darkchild's throne room, allowing Colossus to run her through with the Soulsword, which would either free his sister or kill the Darkchild, in exchange for which, Madelyne would take the Darkchild's throne. Colossus accepted, and they launched their attack.[2]

Madelyne lived up to her end of the bargain, but found that the Darkchild and the bulk of her demon forces had left their stronghold and launched an attack on the X-Men, having used the corrupted Nightcrawler to get through the barrier. Colossus and the others could not follow however as they could not get through the barrier. The Darkchild eventually destroyed the field allowing her horde to escape and Colossus and his allies to follow[3]

They managed to rescue the X-Men from N'astirh and were then surprised by the revelation that Mister Sinister was still alive.[4]

Sinister offered to help them, but Madelyne, still angry over how Sinister had toyed with her life, used her telepathy to force Boom-Boom to kill him. A fight immediately broke out with Sinister's army of clones, which was then made worse by the arrival of the Darkchild and her demon horde. Colossus attacked his sister, but she used his love for her against him and after a short battle, with several failed attempts, he finally managed to kill her using the Soulsword, thus ending the war. He, Boom-Boom, and Domino used the power to begin hopping between domains.[5]

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Seemingly those of the Piotr Rasputin of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Piotr Rasputin of Earth-616.




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