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Piper Dali gained her powers in an lab accident involving her father's work. She was an obsessive fan and stalker of famous actor Bobby Carr, using information related to Carr from the DB (formerly Daily Bugle) paparazzi, Paper Doll killed a waitress who was bringing a frivolous lawsuit against him.[2]

She also targeted a Paparazzo who had an altercation with the actor, but was stopped by the intervention of Spider-Man.[3]

She then killed Carr's publicist for secretly tipping off the DB as to Carr's whereabouts and then tried to target Carr and his mystery girlfriend and was again stopped by Spider-Man.[1]


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Piper Dali (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 561 0001

Piper demonstrating her powers and delusions

  • Flat-Body: Paper Doll was able to become two-dimensional, resulting in her being as flat as a piece of paper. While in her compressed form, she must take careful breaths as her lung capacity is diminished. She can stretch her body, is immune to most forms of injury, becomes razor sharp along the edge of her form which has the cutting power sufficient to cut through Spider-Man's webs, which are stronger than steel, and she can compress the bodies of others by wrapping herself around them.
  • Fluid Absorption & Flattening: She also has the power to envelop a person completely and suck them dry of all fluids, leaving them as flat as she is now. Victims rendered entirely two-dimensional from this die from diminished lung capacity; victims who are partially affected will recover over a period of hours.
  • Camouflage: Paper Doll was also able to blend into her surroundings, these effects were so extreme that it almost caused her to be virtually invisible.


  • While in her compressed form, she must take careful breaths as her lung capacity is greatly diminished.[1]
  • Piper has shown some mental instability, in that she is violently obsessive and delusional about actor Bobby Carr and the relationship she believes they share. Piper found nothing wrong with stalking him and killing anyone she deemed to be damaging to Bobby's life, reputation or their 'relationship'.[2]

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