Sho was born with a weak body, incapable of surviving prolonged strain or illness. His mother, a computer programmer, protected him throughout his childhood and by example created his interest in programming and fish that would one day lead to his Pisces Virus. After one episode brought on by a game of soccer with his friends, Sho promised his mother to become someone who helps others.

Losing his mother to illness, Sho continued on. As a student, he wrote a treatise on converting human will into programming code, in a manner fusing human and computer. This document was apparently not well recieved, but did capture the attention of Zodiac. Being approached by Dr. Ho Yinsen, he was offered full financial backing in return for aiding them.

As Pisces, he takes over the alarm and cleaning systems of Lab 23, causing alarms to detect fires all over and the small cleaning robots to attack before dropping the temperature through out the building to freezing point.

When Tony starts trying to prevent him access, he begins to upset systems across the city, derailing trains, changing traffic signals, causing ATMs to spew money, calling everybody's phones at once and in particular, taking control of two active Japan Self Defense Force fighter jets and aiming them at the reactor directly. This forces Chika to remove the firewall defending the main reacctor system, but in order to keep Pisces from taking it, Tony links himself to the system, offering Sho a shot at a much bigger prize.

Given Tony's unique link to his armour, the ensuing conflict becomes a battle of wills as Sho's Pisces Virus fights to destroy Tony's Will power. Coming close to killing Tony, it is only when he realizes that they both made promises not to hurt others, he to his mother and Tony to Yinsen, that Sho gives up the fight, deleting his own virus.

  • Sho is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura and Ryou Hirohashi in his youth in the Japanese dub and Michael Sinterniklaas and Cindy Robinson for his younger self in the English dub.

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