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Pisces was one of the several members of Vernon Jacobs' incarnation of the Zodiac.

After Leo's failed attempt at retrieving the physical servers from Parker Industries' Shanghai headquarters, Pisces and his minions attacked Peter Parker in San Francisco to steal his own personal Webware, which possessed special privileges and access to restricted data caches.

The Prowler, disguised as Spider-Man, tried to stop him, leading to a rather embarassing result. In order to protect innocent lives, Parker gave Pisces the Webware,[1] which was later taken to the underwater Aquarius Base for data decryption at the hands of Cancer.

Spider-Man and the Prowler infiltrated the base and tried to get back the device before its data could be analysed. When they were detected, Aquarius sent the data still encrypted to every Zodiac base and activated the base's self-destruct failsafe.[2]

Pisces was later present when Scorpio led an assault on the British Museum to obtain the Zodiac Grand Orrery from inside the Rosetta Stone. Spider-Man and his allies tried to stop the Zodiac, so Scorpio activated the suicide pills hidden in all of the member's mouths to buy himself time to escape with the Orrery. Spider-Man had already developed an anti-venom and successfully used it on the Zodiac members, who were subsequently apprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D..[3]

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