Capricorn and Pisces death

The original Pisces and Capricorn died shortly after activation

Pisces was one of the Life Model Decoy created by Scorpio to serve as one of the members of his new Zodiac. They were all activated early in order to combat the Defenders who had invaded Scorpio's New Jersey hideout.[1] Pisces and Capricorn were activated too early, and were destructed shortly after being awakened. Scorpio found them collapsed on the floor and Pisces asked what had happened and what all the pain that he was experiencing was before dying.[2]

Scorpio later created another Pisces LMD using the Zodiac Key.[2] This Pisces joined the rest of the Zodiac in aiding a mentally unstable Quicksilver who was seeking revenge on the Avengers. Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Sagittarius went to the "Anthill," an abandoned Sentinels base. Pisces fought Thor and was crushed under a giant piece of machinery.[3]

Sometime later, Scorpio created yet another incarnation of Pisces, this time in a female form. This Pisces joined the rest of the LMD Zodiac in travelling to Dallas, Texas, where they killed the entire human Zodiac Cartel, except for Cornelius van Lunt, and took their places in the criminal underworld. Next, they attacked a group of businessmen at a cattle auction in Wichita and were opposed by the West Coast Avengers. Pisces fought Henry Pym, but freaked out when she saw Sagittarius destroyed by Hawkeye. She claimed to have a prophetic dream in which she saw Sagittarius get destroyed and fled. This unsettled the other members of the Zodiac and they soon fled as well.[4]

She attempted to help ambush Hawkeye, but she, Aquarius and Gemini were all shorted out when Hawkeye cut the cord to Aquarius' weapon.[5]


  • Original form: Adapted for life underwater, he possessed fins, scales and gills.
  • Second form: Superhuman strength and durability
  • Third form: Adapted for life underwater, she possessed fins, scales and gills. She also had the ability to produce a watery mist from her body. She also had prophetic dreams.

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