20th Century

In 1941, a tank factory was the target of Nazi spy N-4. Her attempts to sabotage the factory were stopped by the Human Torch and Toro.[1]

Modern Age

Mary Jane Watson had came to Pittsburg at the behest of her family as her sister was in jail, taking the fall for her father. She later contacted Peter Parker for both help and moral support as she sought to find evidence to clear her sister and lock up her father.[2] Peter was unknowingly followed by Alistaire Smythe, who tracked him by a tracer compound unknowingly sprayed on his Spider-Man costume. Peter and Mary Jane aided each other in stopping Smythe and, after getting her father arrested, Mary Jane agreed to marry Peter.[3]

At some time during the peak of the mutant population, a school shooting happened at Bethlehem High School, performed by a young man who used to be bullied, Jared. The two victims were Jared's friend Kate Cooke and one of his tormentors, Duncan Sebast who revealed to be a mutant.[4]

Other realities

Pittsburgh Earth-9047

Pittsburgh (Earth-9047)


In Earth-9047, Doctor Deranged reached Pittsburgh when looking for a real-looking place. He found that Pittsburgh had real-looking buildings and people, and looked like the world across his window, unlike the reality he had just visited, AC Universe.[5] However, Deranged eventually returned to his previous abode, apparently leaving Pittsburgh for good.[6]


On Earth-148611, Pittsburgh was the site of Black Event, in which Ken Connell, shaken by the destruction of a comic book convention and the revelation of the Star Brand's power from the Old Man, attempted to rid himself of the Star Brand. Having convinced himself of not to rid of the Brand on the Moon, he ends up flying 10 miles above Pittsburgh with the intention of transferring it to a dumbbell. As the Star Brand cannot be transferred to inorganic items, the resulting explosion obliterated Pittsburgh, leaving only a five-mile deep crater referred to ghoulishly as "The Pitt".[7][8]

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