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King of the Pixies

The Pixies are an underground race of dwarfish individuals who live in a kingdom near Abysmia. According to the legends and folklore of Jugoslavia, the Pixies were known to come to the surface and kidnap the people of Jugoslavia. In 1941, they captured Princess Alecia of Jugoslavia and brought her to their domain in order to force her into marriage to their king. The ruler of Jugoslavia sought the aid of Abysmian ruler Rockman. The hero invaded the Pixies' realm, but the Pixies overpowered him and took him prisoner. He called the assistance of his fellow Abysmians who led a counterattack. With his kingdom crumbling and his attempts to marry Princess Alecia thwarted, the king of the Pixies then tried to kill the girl. He was stopped by Rockman who disposed of him as leader of the Pixies and installed an Abysmian to act as Prime Minister of the Pixies and to govern them as a democracy to stop their aggression against the surface world.[1]

To date there are no further recorded encounters with the Pixies.

Powers and Abilities

Average Strength level

The Pixies appear to have great strength despite their given size; they were able to overpower Rockman in large numbers.


Habitat: Subterranean
Gravity: Earth like
Atmosphere: Earth like


Type of Government: Democracy (ruled by Prime Minister), former totalitarian monarchy
Level of Technology: Slightly more advanced to humanity circa 1941. They had firearms as well as machines that allowed them to tunnel to the surface of the Earth
Cultural Traits: In their only recorded appearance, the Pixies all appeared to be male; it is unknown how the females of their species are regarded in society, if any exist. Their former ruler was clearly a Pixie; however, due to some genetic quirk he was twice the size of the average Pixie. It may be the fact that he was larger in size that put him in a position of power. This appears to be supported by the fact that he sought a bride of similar height.
Representatives: Unnamed king


Recent evidence has revealed that Rockman's wartime adventures were likely the product of a delusional fantasy[2]. As such, the existence of the Pixies is highly suspect. If they did truly exist the account detailed above is likely embellished by Rockman's delusions. If one were to consider that they do indeed exist, then they are likely the product of Deviant science much like the majority of the species that dwell below the surfaces of the Earth.

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