Pkzkrfmknna's father was a magician, and her mother a scientist. She decided to take after both of them,[1] and grew up to become a self-described arcanologist, who travelled around the universe on the search for ancient arcane objects.

While exploring prehistoric caverns in Grynda on the search for the Eye of Basphorus, she was arrested and placed in a cell with Doctor Strange, another visitor-turned-prisoner who crash-landed in Grynda seventy-three days earlier. With Strange's help, Pkzkrfmknna broke out of their cell and led Strange to her ship, but not before grabbing the Eye of Basphorus. Before they left the planet, Strange made use of the Eye of Basphorus to permanently seal Grynda, since following Strange's visit, they had reconsidered interstellar travel and determined that humans were full of potential for experimentation. Strange's use of the Eye of Basphorus made Pkzkrfmknna realize he was an expert in magic. Since she didn't have a route mapped out after Grynda, Pkzkrfmknna and Strange started travelling together. Additionally, after learning Pkzkrfmknna's name, Doctor Strange decided to call her Kanna, for his convenience.[2]


Magic: Kanna appears to be an expert in the magic arts.[2]

  • Technomancy: Kanna is learned in making use of scientific elements as substitutes for magical ingredients.[2]

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