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After his arrival on Earth, the dark god Knull remote-piloted a symbiote dragon to seek out the corpse of his faithful servant Cortland Kasady. Upon locating it, Knull's avatar spat out the Plague symbiote to bond to and reanimate Cortland.

After Cortland and Plague killed a few Ravencroft guards, they came into conflict with Ravencroft warden John Jameson and Ravencroft adviser Misty Knight. Cortland and Plague were attacked by the pair, but they shrugged off the blows and began draining the life force from them. When they were confronted by more Ravencroft guards, Cortland stated that he had other business to attend to - chiefly avenging the death of his descendant Cletus by killing Eddie Brock - before he and Plague teleported away.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those provided by a typical symbiote as well as others:

  • Life Force Absorption
  • Teleportation


Seemingly those provided by a typical symbiote.


  • Unlike most of the other symbiotes, the Plague symbiote when bonded to a host it resembles its host's appearance, much like Payback's symbiote.

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