Plague traveled as a healer with an evangelical troupe until the Legacy Virus began ripping through his world. With the help of the world's telepaths, Plague drew the entirety of the virus into his own system, hoping to use his power to expunge it altogether. Unfortunately, he was not able to release the virus, and from then on became the "Living Embodiment of the Legacy Virus."[1]

Plague was in the medical care of Moira MacTaggert while living with Professor W and the rest of the Professor W's X-Men. When Cyclops and his Brotherhood attacked Plague was broken out of his containment and confronted Cyclops with Moira. Plague was responsible for the death of Hyve who attacked him out of instinct. It only took a mere touch for Plague to kill Hyve. Cyclops killed Plague, calling it a mercy killing.[2]


Able to cure others from biological afflictions. Able to take illnesses, diseases, viruses, and plagues from others into himself and then expunge them from his system. Living embodiment of the Legacy Virus, able to project blasts of concentrated Legacy Virus that kill on contact and his touch is instantly fatal.

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