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While living as a hermit in Alaska, Bruce Banner is contacted by Nick Fury to help S.H.I.E.L.D. in destroying a rogue space weapon called the Godseye which could detonate all the nuclear bombs in the world. The Hulk is convinced that he is the only being who can save the Earth from a rogue satellite. S.H.I.E.L.D., with the cooperation of other heroes, then launch Hulk into space to confront the problem, only to leave him stranded, hurtling towards a world uninhabited by sentient life (where he will have no one to hurt). Due to a navigation systems malfunction and a spatial wormhole, the Hulk finds himself on a strange new world of Sakaar controlled by the Angmo-Asan (Earth-616). Hulk is surprised when the King's guards can hurt him (as the wormhole weakens all who pass through). The Hulk is then drafted as a gladiator for the King's amusement. The Hulk unites with other gladiators to form the group known as the Warbound, united until death. They then lead a series of battles against the Red King and his imperials, eventually overthrowing him. The Hulk then becomes the king of Sakaar and marries the Red King's ex-bodyguard, and rules the planet until the spaceship he arrived in explodes, killing thousands, after just three days of the Hulk's rule. The Hulk reunites with the Warbound and they leave the shattered planet of Sakaar for Earth.



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