The base station of the Planetary Defense Shield was located in Michigan, in a site secured by Alpha Flight with the help of Governor Hartnett.[1]

Hours before the expected arrival of a Chitauri invasion, the station received superficial damage from Hydra double-agent and suicide bomber James Q. Reed,[2] providing the Hydra-loyalist Captain America a cover to manually delay the deployment of the Shield, which forced some of Earth's heavy hitters to travel to Earth's orbit to fend off the invading armada while Iron Man and Ironheart assisted in repairing the generator. As soon as the armor-clad heroes discovered the system's malfunctions were actually an arbitrary meddling, they were forced to escape when attacked by a Hydra unit that took over control of the station. Captain America then deployed the Shield, sealing off the heroes in orbit from the restof the planet.[3]

The Shield was subsequently destroyed,[4] but the fate of its base station is unknown.


  • While the Planetary Defense Shield was beamed through this main installation,a network of automated signal-boost outpost were stationed worldwide at regular intervals.[5]

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