The Plasma Armor was a battle suit created by Becky St. Jude to help her and the Carol Cadets protect Jersey City from threats that the Inhuman precog Ulysses Cain predicted through his visions.

She first demonstrated the armor's capabilities ironically not to fight a threat but to fight the Cadets' leader, Ms. Marvel, over the fate of the group. Ms. Marvel wanted to disband the Carol Cadets over its authoritative measures, while Becky wanted the Cadets to remain together.

Becky seemed to be a match for Ms. Marvel, though Ms. Marvel herself was holding back so she didn't injure Becky. Ms. Marvel eventually deactivated Becky's Plasma Armor by shrinking down and disabling the armor's control mechanism.[1]

Becky later used the armor in another confrontation with Ms. Marvel, but was convinced to stand down by Iron Man and Captain Marvel.[2]


The armor is semi-transparent and is worn by Becky like an exosuit.


The Plasma Armor is activated through a device Becky wears on her left wrist. The armor grants Becky increased strength and durability, allowing her to hurt a super-human like Ms. Marvel.[1] Becky later revealed that the armor was capable of flight and could fire beams of energy.[2]


Rebecca St. Jude (Earth-616) from Ms. Marvel Vol 4 10 002

The armor cannot completely protect Becky as Ms. Marvel was able to hurt her some with a punch to the abdomen. The armor can also be deactivated by damaging the control device.[1]

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