Doctor Doom developed this device as a cell to hold his nemesis Mister Fantastic,[1] whose malleable form allowed him to escape most conventional contraptions.[1][2] The device was a small metallic podium where the prisoner was to be placed; then, once the item was activated, the podium generated a transparent bubble of plasteel around it, surrounding the prisoner.[1] Once this was done, the podium was not necessarily static.[2] The sphere was seamless and lacked any pore that could allow Mister Fantastic to escape, but it somehow allowed air to enter.[1][2] More than one prisoner could be held within it.[2] The sphere could be broken using physical strength,[1] and certain superpowers allowed a person to go through it.[2] Alternatively, the external control panel could be used to deactivate it.[1]

Doctor Doom had one of these devices in his Latverian Castle,[1] and another unit in the basement of the Latverian Embassy of New York City.[2][1] The latter's control panel was attached to the ones of three other unique cages for the other members of the Fantastic Four - the Aquarium Cage, the Force Cage and the Molecular Cage. Once, Doom imprisoned Mister Fantastic and guest hero the Wasp in this item and his colleagues of the Fantastic Four in the others. Doom intended to make them witness his triumph by restoring his original body and summoning the Beyonder. When Doom enraged the Beyonder, Mister Fantastic attracted the Beyonder's attention and, interested, the Beyonder released Mister Fantastic from the plasteel sphere using his powers. Mister Fantastic was momentarily aghast at having gone through a physical object. Mister Fantastic talked his way out of this situation and Doom was teleported away. Having this chance, Fantastic released his partners.[2]

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