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Apparently, Plasti-thene was the chemical basis from which the Leader constructed his Humanoids. In its raw state, Plasti-thene was a rubbery material that could absorb any force directed against it. Plasti-thene was porous enough to be air-permeable, so that a person trapped within it would not suffocate.[citation needed]


Upon learning that the Hulk had been captured, the Leader went to the military base and volunteered his services to General Ross, to come up with a suitable method to contain the Hulk. The Leader then began working to create a Plasti-thene prison; his task finally completed, the Leader presented the "living cage" of Plasti-thene to Ross. The wagon with the Hulk on it was rolled into the mound, and the Leader used the Sealer Beam to close the entrance, trapping the jade giant inside a small open area within the mound. The Hulk awoke and easily broke free of the restraints on the wagon, but he was unable to punch through the Plasti-thene. He next grabbed the wagon and hurled it at the wall, but the wagon only bounced back at him. Seeing that he couldn't break through the walls, the Hulk next tried to smash through the floor, but the force of the shockwave only reflected back at him, leaving him the helpless prisoner of the Leader.[1]

While the Hulk was imprisoned within the Plasti-thene, the Leader began preparations to initiate his secret agenda, using the military base's missiles to start a nuclear war. Betty Ross slipped off and found the Sealer Beam, then she reversed the power on the device and freed the Hulk from the Plasti-thene cage. Following a brief battle between the Hulk and the Leader's Super Humanoid, the Leader fired a handgun at the Hulk and enveloped the jade giant's body with a blob of Plasti-thene, entrapping him again.[2]

After a long struggle, the Hulk was finally able to exert his strength to its greatest extent, and broke free of the Plasti-thene coating his body.[3]

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