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The plastoid was a humanoid robotic assassin, created by Samuel Saxon, whose programming granted it some degree of autonomous operation. It had great physical strength and was durable enough to absorb physical blows and gunfire. The Plastoid was equipped with a triangular chest plate, which displayed a readout of its degree of operational efficiency -- scaled from 1 to 10, the higher the number, the greater its power, and any reading below 5 indicated a need for immediate automatic adjustment; however, in extreme situations, the Plastoid could increase its power level to 50 or more. Normally standing about 7 feet tall, the Plastoid grew to about 10 feet tall at level 50. In its final moments of operation, the Plastoid grew to about 20 feet tall, but this may have exceeded its operating parameters and contributed to its eventual downfall. It was programmed to track its human targets by using aromagraphs (chemically-treated paper containing certain odoriferous elements) of its intended victims. The aromagraphs were uploaded directly with a scentolator connected to the Plastoid, or remotely using an aromascope.
When it was programmed to catch Daredevil, the Plastoid tracked him to Matt Murdock's Apartment, dropped off a small tracer unit and hid in a closet, waiting for his victim to return home. It easily overpowered Murdock, since something about the Plastoid's electronic circuitry interfered with his radar sense. As the robot was carrying the unconscious Murdock out to the street to return to Saxon's lab, it detected the sound of an approaching passerby and, since it was not programmed to deal with this contingency, the Plastoid dropped Murdock and fled[1].
On its second attempt to murder Daredevil, the Plastoid's internal circuitry was damaged, making it unable to recall its mission; returning to the street, the robot headed back to Saxon's lab for repair, with Daredevil following. Saxon attempted to reprogram the Plastoid with Daredevil's aromagraph in the aromascope, but in his haste, he accidentally reprogrammed it with Biggie Benson's aromagraph instead. With its new target input into its system, the Plastoid swatted Daredevil aside and headed to the prison, but it left an easy trail for the dazed hero to follow[2].
The robot smashed through the prison wall and seized the criminal. As its plastic skin was created to absorb mere bullets, the guards then blasted the gargantuan Plastoid with the Stunulator, which caused a reaction in it akin to human pain. The Plastoid collapsed and fell on top of Biggie Benson, killing him. With Benson dead, the robot considered its mission accomplished and it switched itself off. Later, Saxon tried to detonate the robot from afar, but Daredevil used his radar sense to locate the destruct mechanism, which he deactivated by striking it[3].

Years later, a second Plastoid, which had apparently been left dormant in one of Starr Saxon's hidden bases beneath New York, was awakened and possessed by the disembodied spirit of Vincent Destine and ran amok. However, it was destroyed in an explosion triggered by Daredevil.[4]

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