Plazm was a member of X-Force. In their first detailed mission, they combated drug-happy mutinous tribesmen in North Africa.

Plazm received low marks from team-leader Zeitgeist, who made a mental note to move him to defensive positions. The problem, in Zeitgeist's mind, was that Plazm's kill rate of four percent was not acceptable.

Later, at home, Plazm used his mutant powers to help calm the anxiety of his teammate Gin Genie.

The team leader, Coach told the team he had found a perfect mission, one that would generate lots of good publicity. Money-minded terrorists had taken the boy-band 'Boys R Us' hostage in the music studios of 'Sonic TV'. Rescuing them for free would go over well with the focus groups. While a huge crowd awaited outside, the team teleported in courtesy of U-Go Girl. Plazm battled well until an armed helicopter, hovering above the crowd, opened fire.

The only survivors of the entire incident were the rookie Anarchist, U-Go Girl and Doop. Plazm, the other mutants, the terrorists and even the boy band survivors all died in the attack. The helicopter crew was attacked by U-Go Girl and dropped to the pavement far below.


  • Liquid Form: He could transform himself into a semi-liquid state. He presumably found useful applications of this power, although little was demonstrated.
  • Superhuman Speed: He possesses superhuman speed, with a peek range of 700 mph.
  • Superhuman Durability: He also had enhanced durability.

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