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The Avengers West Coast came to Pleasantville to investigate the Human Torch's apparent death.[1]

In other universes

Larval Earth (Earth-8311)

On Earth-8311, Pleasantville was a 437-inhabitant town in 1849. At that point, the telegraph reported discovery of gold in California, prompting a gold rush - and all of the 437 locals left, leaving the buildings behind them. Just at that point, two surviving member of the Duckowee Native American tribe were looking for a place to stay and were trying to approach the locals; they then made the most of the situation, took the whole town for themselves and used spells to turn it into the legendary Shang-Goo-La, where time stopped and nobody could find the way back to it.[2]

It is unspecified whether Pleasantville from Earth-8311 was in New York State or not.


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