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The Pleistone era, also known as the Dawn of Man[1] was a geological epoch, lasting from about 2,580,000 to 11,700 years ago.[2]

It was the setting of the early humanities, including Australopithecus,[1] as well as ancient and forgotten human and non-human civilizations that existed in more or less clearly defined: the Age of Dragons (set somewhere between 1 million years ago and five hundred thousand years ago) dominated by the Dragon Kings, the Age of Men (starting circa 500,000 years ago) dominated by the human Lemurians, the Elder Days dominated by the Elder Race, and that let the way circa 100,000 years ago to the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, dominated by the Thurians (but later conquered by the Deviants) until 18,000 BC, the Second Hostof the Celestials and the Great Cataclysm. After the Cataclysm, humans rebuilt new civilizations, including early advanced cultures in Khitai, Stygia and Acheron. The Age of Acheron came at an end as the Hyborians and their allies destroyed Acheron, ushering the Hyborian Age. For relevancy issues, the events belonging to most of those events will not be detailed here but on their respective eras' pages.

Early Pleistocene

Australopithecus sediba[3] was a species of hominids living in Africa[4] millions of years ago. 2.5 millions years ago, giving birth to the first humans, the last Australopithecus sedibas were fighting over the life or death of two uncommon babies, the first men, when they were exterminated by the Evolutionaries in order to guarantee mankind's evolution to Homo sapiens.[3]

Doctor Doom was once sent across the ages by his former master, the Marquis of Death. There, he found himself attacked by a couple of Megalodons (descibed as an "instance of time repairing itself"). unbeknownst of his identity, the Thunderbolts (themselves travelling backwards in time aboard the Thunderbolts Tower) saved him.[1]

Almost half a million years ago, Lemuria was the only continent inhabited by modern man, while the rest of the world apparently lived in the Pleistocene period. Thongor of Valkarth was a hero of that age, instrumental in the demise of the Dragon Kings serving the Lords of Chaos.[5]

Late Pleistocene

Circa 50,000 years ago, a meteor struck Earth and formed what is now known as Meteor Crater, in Winslow, Arizona.[6]

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