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Plokta is a disembodied entity who hails from the Dark Domain.[citation needed] He possesses the ability to warp the perceptions of a target individual, granting them their fondest desires. Such a gift comes with a price however, for each person who accepts Plokta's generosity must also forfeit their soul. While attempting to expel the Skrulls from their England, Pete Wisdom was forced to destroy a mystical barrier in Otherworld that prevented numerous demons from gaining a foothold on Earth. As a result of this, Plokta arrived on Earth, where he began weaving his effects at the Cloverleaf Estate in Hodge Hill, Birmingham. As he gained more control over all of the Estate residents' souls, his power grew, appearing as a great mystical flame. This drew the attention of a visiting Captain Midlands, and his capture by the enraptured residents led to the summoning of MI13.[1]

He was imprisoned by Pete Wisdom and later helped MI13 to defeat Vlad Dracula by trapping him in his greatest desire, namely the successful conquering of Earth.[citation needed]


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In exchange for their soul, Plokta can grant humans their fondest wish.


Plokta's name comes from a British science fiction magazine.

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