Plor was one of the Galadorians that sacrificed their humanity to become cyborg warriors known as Spaceknights to save the planet Galador from the evil Dire Wraiths. He was given the Pulsar armor to wield. Pulsar was a member of the cadre known as the Spaceknight Squadron which operated together in battle. Pulsar was among the group when they landed on Wraithworld in search of the missing Rom.[1]

On a solitary mission, Pulsar found himself confronted by a Deathwing and was mortally wounded. Plor encased himself in a force sphere and drifted incoherently until he was picked up by a Shi'ar Dreadnought. Plor awakened believing he was under attack and quickly decimated the Imperial Guard aboard the vessel. The commander ordered the Praetor Chakar to save his vessel and in the battle Chakar was slain. The dying Plor tld the ship's doctor Tyreseus he sensed it was time for his final battle and the events that led to his wounding by the Deathwing before succumbing to his injuries.[2]



Strength level



Galadorian Plandanium Armor


Flight through the use of stardrive rocket pods located on the back.

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